Townhomes at Wekiva Park is not an apartment complex and does not have a real estate office, although some owners do lease their townhomes. For information on townhomes for sale in our community, contact your real estate agent. Anyone wanting to lease should consult a rental agent in the area.

It is the responsibility and obligation of townhome owners to carry all-risks type HO3 homeowners’ casualty insurance that specifically insures their segment of the roof and the wall between their townhome and the adjoining ones. The homeowner’s insurance should include Townhomes at Wekiva Park Homeowners Association as “additional insured.”

For information on the HOA’s master insurance liability coverage and policy, contact Ranew Insurance Agency, West Melbourne, FL, phone 321-722-2338, fax 321-722-2158.

Each homeowner contributes a monthly assessment of $200 to provide funds for maintenance of the landscaping, exteriors, and streets. Payments are due monthly unless otherwise arranged. Payments should be made to Townhomes at Wekiva Park HOA or Wekiva Park Townhomes HOA, c/o Hara Management, before the 14th of each month to avoid a late charge of $25.00. Payments should be mailed to Hara Management or hand-delivered to any BB&T bank during regular banking hours. Payment books may be requested from Hara Management, and direct payment plans may be set up.